In the past ten years, I’ve built online shops, developed software for mechanical engineering, bought and provisioned servers and PCs, administered services, integrated payment services and established document management. I’ve worked for small startups and large enterprises. I’ve patched together prototypes and optimized existing solutions. If you got a complex problem, I am optimistic that I can help you.

Currently, I focus mostly on the following:

Most software is free open source software, which means that there will be no recurring license fees. We can also develop additional software or integrate components into your workflows.

If you’re interested, please do not hesitate to contact.

Past Projects

OSMCAL (2020)

For the OpenStreetMap community I built a simple, but powerful, colloraborative calendar that allows people to self-organize events. It is used as an entrypoint for existing and new members.

Reparando Business Management Software (2017–2018)

At Reparando I co-wrote the all-encompassing management software that enabled the companies' technicians, managed resources, simplified the work of the hotline staff and exposed important customer-facing functionality.

The software manages appointments and offered services, notifies customers as well as staff about changes, generates invoices and offers insight into the KPIs.

Grandine (2017)

The Prototype Fund (by Open Knowledge Foundation Germany and the German Ministry for Research and Education) funded my research and development in the area of Vector Tiles based on OpenStreetMap Data. This allowed me to develop a new approach for streamed processing of geodata and found its way into my professional offering, allowing quicker turnaround cycles for geospatial applications.

LOVOO (2014–2017)

At LOVOO I developed services that reached millions of users. I introduced new services and maintained some through their lifecycles at a large scale.

Lyrk (2013–2014)

For Lyrk I managed the launch and lifecycle of a cartography service aimed at German-languaged markets as well as geographical tools, like a service that generated high-quality cartography for the use in printed magazines.

Automotive Engineering (2011–2013)

For the purpose of finite element method analysis I co-developed parsers and converters for some of the largest automotive companies.

Moo Magic (2010)

For Moo Magic I built a from-scratch digital video content shop that handled distribution and payment processes.